Software for pathological image diagnosis using Deep Learning “PidPort”

What is PidPort?

It is a Pathological Image Diagnosis software which relies on AI to achieve smart analysis, then produce a highly accurate result. We use Deep Learning technology combined with our own image processing techniques to make instantaneous pathological diagnosis a reality. In cooperation with large hospitals across the globe, we use a supercomputer to develop the application. It will be available via the web app and desktop application.

What is a Pathologist?

Pathologists are a group doctors who specialize in visually analyzing samples from the tissues of a patient under the microscope and then determine a diagnostic result.

Shortage of Pathologists

Pathologists are required in any hospital, but there is a shortage of them everywhere.
In Japan there are only 2000 active pathologists (0.6% of all doctors),
But there are more than 100,000 clinics in total. This is why there are only a handful of pathologists in city-hospitals.This problem can be seen as common all over the world.

On top of the shortage problem, it also takes a very long time before patients can receive their diagnostic result. The sample is first taken at the appointment, it then goes through a waiting period until there is an available pathologist, the sample is then transported to the hospital where it can be analyzed. This entire process can sometimes take up to 3 weeks, which causes tremendous mental stress to patients. Depending on the illness, waiting in this time window is a matter of life and death.

The Features of PidPort

Anywhere: Pathological diagnoses can be done in any hospitals in the world.
Quick: PidPort will give you the diagnostic results within a minute.
High Precision: PidPort has the experience of a professional pathologist, and can work non-stop.

How PidPort Works

We can brush up the accuracy of diagnostic results sustainably.


Send learning data from Web Server to Supercomputer
Update based on the learned data


Users send image data to Web Server
Web Server returns the result to Users

How To Use

1: Import the patient’s data and pathological image into PidPort.
2: Check the condition you want to diagnose, and press “Analyze”.
3: Pathologists reviews the diagnostic results.

Our Strength

1: Close collaboration with world renowned universities and hospitals
2: Developed with a supercomputer
3: Our team members possess medical backgrounds
4: Our exclusive Image processing techniques

Evaluated in All Over The World

Although we are still in development, we have been highly reviewed and are frenquently praised in foreign pitching contests.

1sr Prize: Live Sharks Tank (Silicon Valley)
1st Prize: Estonian Award, Latitude 59 (Estonia)
2nd Prize: Asian Night(Silicon Valley)


We will relase the alpha version on this Ocotober.
We are currently looking for the new hospitals that would like to try PidPort.